Improving 3D Printed Supports with a Marker

4 hours 20 minutes ago

Anyone who’s spent some quality time with a desktop 3D printer is familiar with the concept of supports. If you’re working with a complex model that has overhanging features, printing a “scaffolding” of support material around it is often required. Unfortunately, supports can be a pain to remove and often …read more

Tom Nardi

Hacking Dell Laptops To Use Off-Brand Chargers

7 hours 20 minutes ago

Dell, along with many other manufacturers, have begun to implement smart features into their laptop charging circuitry. This leaves the user out of luck if they wish to use an off-brand part, or get caught short when their original charger fails. [Neutrino] was in just such a position, and decided …read more

Lewin Day

Ewon is an Expressive Robot with Google Assistant

10 hours 19 minutes ago

Had too much self-quarantine? [Sharathnaik] had, so he decided to build a robot companion named Ewon. Using a Raspberry Pi, Ewon isn’t a robot that moves around, but rather an expressive Google assistant. Using some servo-driven ears and a display, Ewon reacts to you based on keywords you use in …read more

Al Williams

Assemble Your (Virtual) Robotic Underground Exploration Team

13 hours 20 minutes ago

It’s amazing how many things have managed to move online in recent weeks, many with a beneficial side effect of eliminating travel making them more accessible to everyone around the world. Though some events had a virtual track before it was cool, among them the DARPA Subterranean Challenge (SubT) robotics …read more

Roger Cheng

Telco Curio Hacked Into Simple Counter

16 hours 19 minutes ago

The tikkenteller was a device used to measure the duration of telephone use. 70 Volts were sent down the telephone line at 50Hz to run an electromechanical counter, and the devices were often used in communal areas where several users shared a single phone. [Charles Babbadge] decided to repurpose the …read more

Lewin Day

Breathing New Life into Old School ThinkPad Keyboards

19 hours 20 minutes ago

The ThinkPad is generally considered the unofficial laptop of hackerdom, so it’s no surprise that we see plenty of projects focused on repairing and modifying these reliable workhorses. But while we usually see folks working on relatively modern incarnations of this iconic line of computers, this project by [Frank Adams] …read more

Tom Nardi

Simple Sprite Routines Ease Handheld Gaming DIY

20 hours 50 minutes ago

Making your own handheld games is made much easier with [David Johnson-Davies’] simple sprite routines for the Adafruit PyBadge and PyGamer boards. Sprites can be thought of as small, fixed-size graphical objects that are drawn, erased, moved, and checked for collision with other screen elements.

xorSprite() plots an 8×8 sprite, …read more

Donald Papp

Teardown: Nabaztag

22 hours 20 minutes ago

In 2020 there is nothing novel or exciting about an online device. Even the most capable models are designed to be unobrusive pucks and smart speakers; their function lies in what they do rather than in how they look. In 2005, an Internet connected device was a rare curiosity, a …read more

Jenny List

Nintendo Switch Gets a Stylish Dock In a Broken NES

23 hours 49 minutes ago

The Switch is Nintendo’s latest home console, which has forever blurred the line between handhelds and consoles you plug in to your TV. It does both! Typically, hooking up to a screen is done through the dock, but that wasn’t quite cool enough for [sturm]. He took a NES and …read more

Lewin Day

Aluminium Pucks Fuel Hydrogen Trucks

1 day 1 hour ago

In the race toward a future free from fossil fuels, hydrogen is rapidly gaining ground. On paper, hydrogen sounds fantastic — it’s clean-burning with zero emissions, the refuel time is much faster than electric, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles can go longer distances between refuels than their outlet-dependent brethren.

The reality is …read more

Kristina Panos

Tic Tac Arduintoe Moves the Game To 4×4

1 day 4 hours ago

We know you’re out there spending a lot more time with your loved ones, and appreciate that you may be running out of ways to keep everyone entertained. [Mukesh] dropped us a tip because he has the antidote to boredom — a new twist on that old chestnut, Tic Tac …read more

Kristina Panos

Boot Your Pi over USB

1 day 10 hours ago

Historically, booting a Raspberry Pi required an SD card. However, if you follow [tynick’s] instructions, you can get a Pi 4 to boot from the USB port. Combine it with a small solid state disk drive, and you’ll get great performance, according to his post.

The caveat is this depends …read more

Al Williams

This Frequency Generator Knows How To Get Down

1 day 13 hours ago

What kind of clever things could you do with a signal that had a period of 2 hours? Or 20? Any ideas? No seriously, tell us. Because [Joseph Eoff] has come up with a way to produce incredibly low frequency signals that stretch out for hours, and we’d love to …read more

Tom Nardi

Herb Garden is Smarter Than The Average… Garden

1 day 16 hours ago

Herbs are a great way to spice up any dish. Often they don’t need much, meaning that it’s possible to grow a useful amount in a fairly compact area. [Sunyecz22] wanted to do just that, so built a convenient indoor herb garden, giving it some smarts along the way.

The …read more

Lewin Day

Secret Knock Unlocks Door

1 day 19 hours ago

Watch any movie about the years of prohibition, and you’ll probably see character gain admittance to a speakeasy by using a secret knock on the door. In the old movies, a little sliding door would open so the doorman could check you out and let you in. With [‘s] electronic …read more

Al Williams

2020 Hackaday Prize Hack Chat with Majenta Strongheart

1 day 23 hours ago

Join us on Wednesday, May 27 at noon Pacific for the 2020 Hackaday Prize Hack Chat with Majenta Strongheart!

It hardly seems possible, but the Hackaday Prize, the world’s greatest hardware design contest, is once more at hand. But the world of 2020 is vastly different than it was last …read more

Dan Maloney

Hacking the Road: Roundabouts

2 days 1 hour ago

If you are from the US, you might be surprised at how prevalent roundabouts are in most of the world. Outside of Carmel, Indiana which has 125 roundabouts, these are pretty unusual in the United States though have been gaining in popularity over the past decade. It turns out, that …read more

Al Williams

Lasercut Puzzlebox Is Safe-Cracking Fun

2 days 4 hours ago

If you head out into the real world and start twiddling knobs on random safes, you might find yourself being hauled away by uniformed police. A safer pastime might be playing with your own puzzlebox at home, which is precisely what [thediylife] has done with this build.

The design implements …read more

Lewin Day
1 hour 20 minutes ago
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