A Deep Dive into the Chemistry of Retrobright

2 hours 6 minutes ago

Considerable effort is often required to rejuvenate the yellowed and grungy plastic cases of retrocomputing gear. One generally does well to know their enemy in order to fight it, though, which is where this guide to the chemistry of plastic …read more

Dan Maloney

New Parts, New Hacks

5 hours 7 minutes ago

The biggest news this week is that Raspberry Pi is no longer synonymous with single-board Linux computers: they’re dipping their toes into the microcontroller business with their first chip: the RP2040, and the supporting breakout board, the Pico. It’s an …read more

Elliot Williams

Low Cost Metal 3D Printing by Electrochemistry

8 hours 7 minutes ago

[Billy Wu] has been writing for a few years about electrochemical 3D printing systems that can handle metal. He’s recently produced a video that you can see below about the process. Usually, printing in metal means having a high-powered laser …read more

Al Williams

Do Androids Search for Cosmic Rays?

17 hours 8 minutes ago

We always like citizen science projects, so we were very interested in DECO, the Distributed Electronic Cosmic-ray Observatory. That sounds like a physical location, but it is actually a network of cell phones that can detect cosmic rays using an …read more

Al Williams

Casio F-91W, Going Dark

20 hours 7 minutes ago

The Casio F-91W is easily one of the most iconic and popular watches worldwide. But what’s cool about having the same exact thing as millions of other people? Not much, unless of course you modify it to make it your …read more

Kristina Panos

mouSTer Brings USB to Retro Computers

1 day ago

Folks who like the take the old Amiga out for the occasional Sunday drive usually do it because they have wistful memories of the simpler times. Back when you could edit documents or view spreadsheets on a machine that had …read more

Tom Nardi

Meet the Magic Eye Vacuum Tube

1 day 2 hours ago

Vacuum tubes ruled electronics for several decades and while you might think of them as simple devices analogous to a transistor or FET, there were many special types. We’re all familiar with nixie tubes that act as numeric displays, and …read more

Al Williams

Fixing nRF24L01+ Modules Without Going (Too) Insane

1 day 11 hours ago

Good old nRF24L01+ wireless modules are inexpensive and effective. Well, they are as long as they work correctly, anyway. The devices themselves are mature and well-understood, but that doesn’t mean bad batches from suppliers can’t cause hair-pulling problems straight from …read more

Donald Papp

Game Boy Replica Built In Brass

1 day 14 hours ago

Nintendo’s Game Boy is legendary for being the meat in the handheld gaming revolution, as well as being nigh-on indestructible whether in the custody of children or soldiers in the Gulf War. However, [Jiri] decided to see if he could …read more

Lewin Day

Making Silicone Molds – Big Ones!

1 day 23 hours ago

If you’ve got one of something and you want more, duplicating it with a silicone mold can be a great way to go. This is applicable to 3D printing something you need many copies of, and a whole variety of …read more

Lewin Day

Inflatable Hospital Isolation Wards

2 days ago

The continued spread of Covid-19 has resulted in a worldwide shortage of hospital beds. A temporary hospital isolation ward (translated) was co-developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical …read more

Chris Lott
8 minutes 22 seconds ago
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