DIY Regular Expressions

8 hours 25 minutes ago

In the Star Wars universe, not everyone uses a lightsaber, and those who do wield them had to build them themselves. There’s something to be said about that strategy. Building a car or a radio is a great way to learn how those things work. That’s what [Low Level JavaScript] …read more

Al Williams

This Z80 Computer Bootstraps Itself

11 hours 25 minutes ago

[Plasmode] has created several Z80-compatible board designs, at least four of them using the oddball Z280. The Z280 was a special variant of a Z80 that could bootstrap itself with no external PROM, making it ideal for anyone trying to build a system on a breadboard. According to his post, …read more

Al Williams

Projecting Halloween Peril

14 hours 25 minutes ago

Every holiday has a few, dedicated individuals committed to “going all out.” Whether they’re trying to show up the neighbors, love the look, or just want to put a smile on the faces of those passing by; the results are often spectacular. A recent trend in decorations has been away …read more

Matthew Carlson

PyGame Celebrates 20 Years by Releasing PyGame 2.0

17 hours 24 minutes ago

Python is an absolutely fantastic language for tossing bits of data around and gluing different software components together. But eventually you may find yourself looking to make a program with an output a bit more advanced than the print() statement. Once you’ve crossed into the land of graphical Python programming, …read more

Tom Nardi

Making a 3D Printed DSLR Camera Mount Even Better

20 hours 25 minutes ago

We’d love to say that all of our projects worked perfectly on the first try, but the average Hackaday reader is a bit too experienced to buy a fib like that. The reality is, DIY projects rarely get everything right out of the gate. It takes some time to identify …read more

Tom Nardi

An Automatic Label Dispenser for Quicker Stickers

21 hours 55 minutes ago

If you have any kind of business, chances are it involves stickers at some point in the process. More accurately it involves you peeling the backs off of sticker after sticker, slowly wasting time and working your way toward a repetitive stress injury. Why do that to yourself when you …read more

Kristina Panos

Linux Fu: Troubleshooting Incron

23 hours 24 minutes ago

You probably know about cron, a program that lets you schedule programs to run at various times. We’ve also talked about incron, which is very similar but instead of time, it reacts to changes in the file system. If you ever wanted to write a program that, say, …read more

Al Williams

Replace Your IR Remote with a Web Browser

1 day ago

While more and more consumer products are rushing to include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the simplicity and reliability of infrared has kept it in the game in the game far longer than many might have thought. Despite being thinner and sleeker, the IR remote control that comes with your brand …read more

Tom Nardi

Bringing High Temperature 3D Printing to the Masses

1 day 2 hours ago

Despite the impressive variety of thermoplastics that can be printed on consumer-level desktop 3D printers, the most commonly used filament is polylactic acid (PLA). That’s because it’s not only the cheapest material available, but also the easiest to work with. PLA can be extruded at temperatures as low as 180 …read more

Tom Nardi

The 10,000 Pixel Per Inch Display is Now Possible

1 day 5 hours ago

A good smartphone now will have about 500 pixels per inch (PPI) on its screen. Even the best phones we could find clock in at just over 800 PPI. But Stanford researchers have a way to make displays with more than 10,000 pixels per inch using technology borrowed from solar …read more

Al Williams

Circuit Sculpture Breathes Life into Discrete Components

1 day 11 hours ago

We’ve probably all given a lot of thought to breathing this year in various contexts. Though breathing is something we all must do, this simple act has become quite the troublemaker in 2020. They say the best art imitates life, and [bornach]’s Astable Exhalation certainly does that, right down to …read more

Kristina Panos

Quantum Inspired Algorithm Going Back To The Source

1 day 14 hours ago

Recently, [Jabrils] set out to accomplish a difficult task: porting a quantum-inspired algorithm to run on a (simulated) quantum computer. Algorithms are often inspired by all sorts of natural phenomena. For example, a solution to the traveling salesman problem models ants and their pheromone trails. Another famous example is neural …read more

Matthew Carlson

Community Rallies Behind youtube-dl After DMCA Takedown

1 day 17 hours ago

At this point, you’ve likely heard that the GitHub repository for youtube-dl was recently removed in response to a DMCA takedown notice filed by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). As the name implies, this popular Python program allowed users to produce local copies of audio and video that …read more

Tom Nardi

What’s In A USB-C Connector?

1 day 20 hours ago

Anyone who’s ever put together a bill-of-materials for an electronic device will be familiar with the process of scouring supplier catalogs and data sheets for the best choice of components. The trick is to score the best combination of price and performance for the final product, and for those unused …read more

Jenny List

The Ground Beneath Your Feet: SuperAdobe Construction

1 day 21 hours ago

Homes in different parts of the world used to look different from each other out of necessity, built to optimize for the challenges and benefits of local climate. When residential climate control systems became commonplace that changed. Where a home in tropical south Florida once required very different building methods …read more

Bryan Cockfield

AMD Acquires Xilinx for $35 Billion

1 day 21 hours ago

News this morning that AMD has reached an agreement to acquire Xilinx for $35 Billion in stock. The move to gobble up the leading company in the FPGA industry should come as no surprise for many reasons. First, the silicon business is thick in the age of mergers and acquisitions, …read more

Mike Szczys
25 minutes 34 seconds ago
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