3D Printing Copper

2 hours 4 minutes ago
People really want to 3D print metal, but while true metal printers exist, they still are expensive and out of reach of most hackers. However, even if you can afford …read more
Al Williams

All About Mecanum

4 hours 51 minutes ago
If you’ve dealt with robots or other wheeled projects, you’ve probably heard of mecanum wheels. These seemingly magic wheels have the ability to move in any direction. If you’ve ever …read more
Al Williams

Printing Your Own Exoskeleton

17 hours 4 minutes ago
While not quite in a cave, the idea of making your own exoskeleton with limited tools does have a Tony Stark esque vibe. [Andrew Piccinno] is a mechanical engineer pursuing …read more
Matthew Carlson
1 hour 5 minutes ago
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