Magnets Turn Flexible PCB Into Electric Grasshopper

2 hours 21 minutes ago

Just because something doesn’t seem to have an apparent purpose, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try making it anyway. As flexible PCBs become cheaper and easier to order from low-scale fab houses, we’re seeing hobbyists experiment with new uses for them such as [Carl Bugeja]’s jumping circuit.

The circuit is …read more

Erin Pinheiro

Using A Vending Machine Bill Acceptor With Arduino

5 hours 22 minutes ago

We’ve all seen, and occasionally wrestled with, bill acceptors like the one [Another Maker] recently liberated from an arcade machine. But have you ever had one apart to see how it works? If not, the video after the break is an interesting peak into how this ubiquitous piece of hardware …read more

Tom Nardi

Chatty Coaster Agitates, In A Friendly Way

6 hours 52 minutes ago

Awkward silences can be highly uncomfortable. Thankfully, they’re a problem that can be solved by technology. Chatty Coaster aims to do just this, detecting pauses in conversation and interjecting with helpful questions to move things along.

The coaster is built around an Arduino Micro, which uses a microphone to detect …read more

Lewin Day

Perhaps August Dvorak Is More Your Type

8 hours 22 minutes ago

One of the strangest things about human nature is our tendency toward inertia. We take so much uncontrollable change in stride, but when our man-made constructs stop making sense, we’re suddenly stuck in our ways — for instance, the way we measure things in the US, or define daytime throughout …read more

Kristina Panos

Reverse Engineering a Ceiling Fan Remote

9 hours 52 minutes ago

In the quest to automate everything in your home, you no doubt have things that aren’t made with home automation in mind. Perhaps your window AC unit, or the dimmer in your dining room. [Seb] has several ceiling fans that are controlled by remotes and wanted to connect them to …read more

Rich Hawkes

3D Metal Printer uses Welding Wire

14 hours 22 minutes ago

If you’ve seen both a fused filament fabrication (FFF) printer and a wire welder, you may have noticed that they work on a similar basic principle. Feedstock is supplied in filament form — aka wire — and melted to deposit on the work piece in order to build up either …read more

Ted Yapo

DIY Bagpipes Made From Common Household Items

20 hours 21 minutes ago

The bagpipes, most commonly seen in their Great Highland form from Scotland, are a loud and imposing musical instrument. Known for being difficult to practice quietly, they’re not the ideal thing to pick up in these times of quarantine and isolation. But, if you must, here’s how you can craft …read more

Lewin Day

Maxing Out Browser Tabs With 2TB Of Memory

23 hours 21 minutes ago

Tabbed browsing was a gamechanger, allowing users to effectively browse multiple websites at once without losing context. It proved a better solution than using multiple windows, and was an efficiency boon celebrated by all. Many of us are tab fiends, opening great numbers at a time as a habitual part …read more

Lewin Day

Printed Door Handle Turns Key With a Servo

1 day 5 hours ago

[Madalin Valceleanu] had a somewhat unique problem. He wanted to make his front door a bit “smarter”, but none of the IoT door locks he found were compatible with the style of reinforced door he had. So he set out to design and 3D print his own Internet-controlled door handle. …read more

Tom Nardi

SOLID Promises A New Approach To How The Web Works

1 day 8 hours ago

As it stands on the modern Internet, your data is no longer your own. Your emails, photos, and posts all live on servers owned by large corporations. Their policies give them access to your data, which is mined to generate advertising revenue. And if you want your data back, there …read more

Lewin Day

Laser Artistry Hack Chat

1 day 9 hours ago

Join us on Wednesday, April 1 at noon Pacific for the Laser Artistry Hack Chat with Seb Lee-Delisle!

It’s hard to forget the first time you see a laser light show. A staple at concerts starting in the 1980s, seeing a green laser lance out over the heads of tens …read more

Dan Maloney

Designing Printed Adapters For Power Tool Batteries

1 day 9 hours ago

Unless you’re particularly fond of having multiple types of batteries and chargers, you’d do well to make sure all your portable power tools are made by the same company. But what do you do if there’s a tool you really need, but your brand of choice doesn’t offer their own …read more

Tom Nardi

Coronavirus Testing Follow-Up: Rapid Immunologic Testing

1 day 11 hours ago

When I started writing my recent article on COVID-19 testing, I assumed that I would be doing a compare and contrast sort of article. Like many people, I assumed that the “gold standard” test would be the reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test that I described in some detail. And …read more

Dan Maloney

Vinyl Cutter Migrates from Scrapbooks to Gaskets

1 day 14 hours ago

We know it all too well: another smoothly-operating night in the garage easily halted by a broken component. In the late hours of the night, no hardware store will open its doors. And while waiting may reward the patient, creativity may reward those who act now. That’s exactly where [Justin] …read more

Joshua Vasquez

Ammo Can Battery; 50 Ah LiFePO4 Clad in Army Green

1 day 17 hours ago

For the price of a mid-range Android phone, [Kenneth Finnegan] turned a 50 caliber ammo can into a 50 amp-hour portable power supply. The battery pack uses four 3.5 V LiFePO4 cells wired in series to achieve a nominal 12 V supply that stands in for a traditional lead-acid …read more

Mike Szczys

Rock Out While You Knock Out Germs

1 day 20 hours ago

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty tired of singing two rounds of “Happy Birthday” or counting Mississippi to 20 each time we wash our hands. It’s difficult to do it without thinking about the reason why, and that’s not good for positivity. If you’d rather have your spirits …read more

Kristina Panos
22 minutes 15 seconds ago
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